Outdoor Activities

It's time to start your adventures

You can choose now the outdoor activity you want to do in Ithaca island with our professional guides. Explore Ithaca from the deepest point of the sea to the highest peak of Mt. Niritos. Experience the best adventures at the middle Ionian Sea area..!!

Scuba diving

Dive in the crystal clear waters of Ithaca island. The local PADI dive center will offer you the best underwater experiences.

Sea kayaking

Sea kayaking in Greece at its best. Explore the coastline of Ithaca and search for the secrets using the most eco friendly boat.

Island tour (Jeep safari)

Try one of our tours and explore the mountains, villages and the history of Ithaca

Paddleboarding (sup)

Ride one of our boards at the best possible conditions and explore the coves of Ithaca from a unique point of view


Hike the best routes around Ithaca island and discover the secrets of Ithaca

Snorkeling / Boat trips

The best and the most relaxed way to explore the coastline of Ithaca island. Visit with us the best snorkeling spots

History Tours

Let the experts introduce you to the long history of Ithaca

Combo trips

Explore Ithaca through the most unique combo tours. Combine hiking and a boat ride with snorkeling

Boat hire services

Connect with the best boat hire company in Ithaca - Odyssey Boats

Photography projects

Let's design together your next photography project at the magnificent landscapes and conditions that Ithaca has to offer

Why Outdoor Activities in Ithaca

There are many reasons to do outdoor activities with us at the most historic island of Greece:

What You Get

We always try to keep our standard during our trips high: