Stavros Village – Stavros Museum – Homer’s School

“Homer’s Walk tour”:

  • Duration: 3-4 hours: 1.5 hours hiking, 2-2.5 hours of stopping at the points of interest
  • Walking Distance: 3.7km (during this tour we are moving carefully on the side of the road and in the end there are small hiking parts in the archeological site and from Homer’s School to the cafe)
  • Level of difficulty: Easy


We start the walk at the viewpoint above Polis bay and we talk about Polis cave and the important artifacts that the archeologists found during the excavations there. Then we will visit the scale model of Odysseus Palace at the main square of Stavros village, designed by the Italian architect Bruno Mazzali and his ancient Greek nautical exhibition. Then we head to the archeological museum of Stavros village and right after to Homer’s School, where Odysseus Palace is located. We have the option at the middle or at the end of the tour to enjoy a coffee or a snack at the local cafes or restaurants.

Our hiking guide is always knowledgeable and he will give you a detailed tour. He will provide scientific information about the whole area and he will explain how modern Ithaca is related with the Homeric Ithaca and why it is considered as the same place.

  • Transfers: There is a morning taxi or minibus transfer from Vathy to Stavros village and an afternoon taxi or minibus transfer from Platrithias to Vathy.
  • Minimum participants per Group: 3 people
  • Cost: 50€ per person


Exogi village – Rousano plateau – Exogi: Round trip

  • Duration: 5h 30min: 4 hours hiking – 30 minutes cafe stop – 1 hour transfers.
  • Hiking Distance: 6.5 kilometers
  • Level of difficulty: Advanced


One of the best hikes you can experience in ithaca. Exogi mountain offers the best 360 degree view of the whole middle Ionian Sea region. We will hike the mountain of Odysseus and we will see a remote part of the Island. The hike starts downhill from the main square of the historic Exogi village to the beginning of the path to Rousano plateau. While we hike towards Rousano we will have a fabulous view of Polis bay, Nirito mountain and Stavros area. From Rousano to Pernarakia peak it is a demanding uphill path so hikers need to have experience and medium fitness level. Finally we hike the road down to Exogi village and we visit the famous Exogi pyramids while we talk about their eccentric creator.

At Exogi we have the option to spend some time at the unique cafe restaurant “the Extraterrestrial ”. Then we have a transfer back to Vathy. 

  • Proposed starting time: 7.30am (meeting in Vathy main square).
  • Transfers: Taxi or minibus transfer from Vathy to Exogi village and back to Vathy after the hike
  • Minimum participants per Group: 3 people
  • Cost: 60€


Vathy – Cave of Nymphs – Paleohora village – Perahori Vathy: Round trip

  • Duration: 5 hours: 4 hours hiking – 1 hour cafe stop
  • Hiking Distance: 6.8 kilometers
  • Level of difficulty: Moderate


A moderate round trip of hiking Vathy and Perahori area. It is one of the must do hikes as in a 4 hours trip we visit many different spots related to the ancient, the recent and the modern history of the island. We start from Vathy square and we go uphill all the way to the cave of the Nymphs. A homeric locations with an amazing story. From there we visit two small orthodox chapels and the we arrive to Paleohora – the old village of the SOuth side of Ithaca. We enter the main church of the old village -Saint John and then we arrive at the modern village called Perahori where we relax for half an hour at the traditional cafe. Finally we head down to Vathy through the old road of the village. 

  • Proposed starting time: 8am (meeting in Vathy main square). 
  • Transfers: There are no transfers for this trip.
  • Minimum participants per Group: 3 people
  • Cost: 55€


Custom hikes:

– We can also design custom hikes according to the attraction you want to visit and to your fitness level. There are plenty of paths all around Ithaca connecting all the villages and many archeological sites. 

– For groups that have less hours available to spend with us, we can always “break” the hikes in smaller parts for a reduced price.

– For more experienced hikers or hiking clubs contact us and we can design together tailor made single day or multi day hiking programs in Ithaca.

Pictures from our hikes: