History Tours

  • History tour with Spyros Kouvaras

— Polis viewpoint – Stavros Village – Stavros Archeological Museum – Homer’s School —

Cost: 70euros with transfers, 60euros without transfers (guest will need their own vehicle)

Minimum participants: 3

Duration: 3-4 hours

Starting time: Anytime between 8am and 5pm depending on the availability of Spyros Kouvaras.



A tour that every history lover has to experience during his visit to Ithaca island. Ithaca is one of the most historic islands worldwide known from Homer’s Odyssey as the home island of king Odysseus.

A history expert like Spyros Kouvaras is the right person to guide you around the North side of the island and to reveal the secrets of the Homeric Ithaca.

Polis viewpoint just before the entrance of Stavros village is the meeting point with Spyros. If the guests choose the option that includes transfers then we pick them up from their accommodation 30 minutes before meeting Spyros. If the guests have their own vehicle then they meet Spyros at the viewpoint. The google map pin will be provided during the booking.

Spyros will talk about Polis cave and the important artifacts that the archeologists found during the excavations there. Then we will visit the scale model of Odysseus Palace at the main square of Stavros village, designed by the Italian architect Bruno Mazzali and his nautical exhibition which refers to the period from 1200-800 BC. Then we head to the archeological museum of Stavros village and right after to Homer’s School, where Odysseus Palace is located.

Spyros will provide scientific information about the whole area and he will explain how modern Ithaca is related with the Homeric Ithaca and why it is considered as the same place.

Keep in mind that Spyros is using his motorbike to move between the points of interest so please follow him and stop where he will point you.


  • Polis Viewpoint
  • Ulysses palace miniature Stavros
  • Nautical exhibition (1200-800 BC)
  • Stavros archeological museum (entrance fee 3€) 
  • Archeological site at Saint Athanasios (Homer’s School)

History trip pictures: