History Tours


Spyros Couvaras is a local guide and history teacher. His scientific professional knowledge regarding Homeric Ithaca is outstanding.

We can arrange for you a visit to Stavros village with Spyros as your guide. You will meet Spyros at Spilia area, a spot with a beautiful view to Polis beach which was an ancient harbor at the times of king Odysseus. Then you’ll walk to Stavros main square where you’ll see the scale model of Odysseus palace inspired and well made by Bruno Mazalli, a famous Italian architect.

Then we walk to Stavros archeological museum where you’ll have the opportunity to see all the amazing artifacts, found during the excavations around the North side of Ithaca island.

Finally we are heading to Homer’s School archeological site where Spyros will talk to you about every single stone and the importance of the ruins there.

This historic tour is a travel through history made by a professional with scientific proofs.


According to how many people are participating in the group we are using a Taxi or a mini bus to move from Vathy to Stavros area and back to Vathy in the end of the trip.  There is also the option to book the tour at a lower coast in case there is no need for transfer.


3 – 4 hours hiking / guiding / Stavros archaeological museum visit


4 kilometers


60€ including transfers, 50€ without transfers.


Minimum: 3 people.

History trip pictures: