Combo Trips

Vathy – Gidaki beach (Combo hiking and boat tour):

Duration: 4 hours: 1.5 hours hiking – 2 hours beach stop – 20 minutes boat transfer.

Hiking Distance: 5 kilometers

Level of difficulty: Easy


An easy hike from Vathy to Gidaki beach. Half of the hike is on the road. Then we take the path through the pine forest from Shinos beach to Gidaki beach. Gidaki is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island and we can relax and swim there. Then we have a boat pick-up to return to Vathy harbor.

Proposed starting time: 8am (meeting in Vathy main square). 

Transfers: Boat transfer back to Vathy.

Minimum participants per Group: 3 people

Cost: 60€


Kathera Monastery – Anogi village – Kioni village (Combo hiking and boat tour):

Duration: 7 hours: 5 hours hiking – 30 minutes stop at Anogi village at the traditional cafe – 30 min stop in Kioni Village – 1 hour Boat ride and swim stop to Vathy.

Hiking Distance: 9km

Level of difficulty: Moderate


That’s a medium difficulty hike which will last 6 hours depending on our pace and the stops we will do. The first part of the path is a rocky old path with a stunning view. We reach almost 700 meters elevation and you have a view of the whole surrounding middle Ionian sea area. The second part of the path (after Anogi village) is covered with stone in a traditional way. We can visit some spots around Anogi village such as the monastery of Kathara, the Byzantine church next to the main square of the village and the huge monoliths also known as Menirs. On our way to Kioni we visit the small chapel dedicated to the Holy Mary also known as Mouhla, recently refurbished by the locals. Kioni village is a great place to relax after this hike or to swim at its tiny beaches.

Proposed starting time: 7.30am (meeting in Vathy main square). 

Transfers: There is a morning taxi or minibus transfer from Vathy to Kathara Monastery and a boat transfer from Kioni to Vathy.

Minimum participants per Group: 3 people

Cost: 80€


Vathy main square – Cave of Nymphs – Perahori village – Marathias area – Arethousa Krini spring – Pera Pigadi beach(Combo hiking and boat tour) :

Duration: 8h 30min: 5 hours hiking, 30 minute stop at the traditional cafe at Perahori and 1h 30min boat ride and swim stop

Hiking Distance: 11,5km

Level of difficulty: Advanced


This is our longest hike. It is a complete round trip consisting of a long hike and a relaxing boat trip back to Vathy. We are starting the hike straight from Vathy town and then we visit the cave of the nymphs. Then we “climb” to Perahori village and we visit Paleohora Medieval village and the orthodox church of Aei Giannis with the remains of the frescos. From there we are heading to Perahori village where we can have a short stop at the traditional cafe. Then we hike to the agricultural Marathias area through the old pilgrims’ path and finally we visit Arethousa Krini spring which is a Homeric location. Next to Arethousa Krini is located close to Talaros beach where we can have a swim. The boat will pick us up from there and it will take us to Gidaki beach for a second swim and then back to Vathy in the afternoon.

Proposed starting time: 7am (meeting in Vathy main square). 

Transfers: Boat transfer from Pera Pigadi beach to Vathy.

Minimum participants per Group: 3 people

Cost: 85€